It was a one summer nights dream in Hong Kong that all got SOM started. Anna,
myself, just like any one of you except being a Korean, was ploughing through
the humid and busy lifestyle of Hong Kong as an accountant and as usual got
knocked out as soon as coming back home not noticing that the “supplies” were
running low.

On that particular rainy summer day my period struck me during the night and
my time (or rather pain) of the month started all over again as it never did so last
month. I gathered myself back into one piece and did a red-eyed search all
around the house for my beloved Korean pads but all I could find was the old
and flimsy ones I bought and neglected one day at the convenience store.
Fortunately I am married to a charming Korean husband like in those Korean
dramas (although unfortunately he isn’t as handsome as anyone you think of…)
and usually he would get up (not totally happily but…) and run to the drugstore
to snag a bunch of pads that he could get hold of and come back to me like
Prince Charming to save my period. But as tragedy happens, both my beloved
Korean pads and husband was missing on that night and all I could do was to
dream of the fluffy and smooth Korean pads that I used to smuggle all the way
from Korea each and every time I went across.

And there it all started, I moved back to Korea to try something I always felt was
right with my little sister, Amy, and here the Secret Of The Month is – to share
the best and the only best that I could ever imagine with you and every one of us
just like you and me.