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[Itaewon] The Secret Korean Foodie Life #72 - Milk Gongbang (밀크공방)

By now I think we have reviewed almost all of the “famous” milk soft-serve ice cream in the city of Seoul… and I think it was time that there weren’t be any more but there was another one that we left out… and it is even one of the famed “top three” milk ice-cream spots in Seoul (yes… Koreans really do love this “top three” idea, for more explanations read “Hosu Samgyetang”).

“Milk Gongbang” is a small shop located on a short street between the main street of Itaewon and the back street “Gyeonglidan-gil.” There are many of these small individual stores on this short street that is quite a joy to go around, and this right street was the birth place of “Street Churros,” where it still has it’s main branch.

So now, what does it taste like…? Good – mild, milky and sweetness is just right, and compared to our milk ice-cream winner “Baekmi-dang” this one at “Milk Gongbang” is a little more on the lighter side in terms of texture, which may be taste easier for those who don’t like heavy textures and rich tastes. If you would like to try out the Korean style milk soft-serve ice-cream and especially in one of the prized “top three” ones this is you place around Itaewon. But for those serious milk ice-cream lovers like me and my husband, “Baekmi-dang” will probably be a better choice for you.


16, Noksapyeong-daero 46-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
서울 용산구 녹사평대로46길 16​

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