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[Itaewon] The Secret Korean Foodie Life #74 - Melting Monkey (멜팅몽키)

Now this was originally and unplanned one… but the steak we had at “Road Steak” was a bit…no… a lot lesser than we expected and my hungry husband was crying out for another snack, which then we thought of “Melting Monkey” right next to “Milk Gongbang” and headed there for their infamous “Grilled Cheese Sandwich” that all started here in this short street as well.

And of course, this is something surely not authentically “Korean” and it isn’t something that is only found in “Korea…” for sure, but since we had a taste of it let me include it in our foodie list for what it is worth for…

Actually, “Melting Monkey” has become a really popular and trendy franchise that is loved by many local Koreans nowadays, and I guess it is because, otherthan being tasty, Koreans have become bored with too much Korean food and they crave some other food, like all of you crave for the “new” Korean food instead of your local food that you are used to. So for those who think why would Koreans become bored with the super tasty Korean food… we do… just like you are bored with your super tasty local food and occasionally we need to break away from it to realize that what we already have is the most precious one among all.

Now enough with the literature and back to the tasting, actually we didn’t expect too much from this “Grilled Cheese Sandwich,” since it is a taste that both of us are so used to and it is even a taste that we can make it ourselves at home. By the first look, the sandwich appeared to be quite a simple one that used sour-dough bread stuffed with 4 different types of cheese along with some fresh onion, green onions and jalapeño peppers to add some spice to it. Then the sandwich was grilled on a standard sandwich grilling machine that I don’t think did much magic either, and with quite low expectations I took my first bite of my warm “Grilled Cheese Sandwich” and…wow…! I didn’t expect that…

Although it looked simple, everything made such a good harmony inside the crispy and moist sour-dough bread and it was a taste that I just could not stop asking for, which is why I decided to put this non-authentic-Korean food in our Korean foodie blog… it was simply just so tasty… highly recommended especially for those who have are struggling with the spicy and strong tastes of Korean food. I am still unsure why it was so tasty… what did the magic… was it because of the rain that got me all soaked up…?


174-6, Jangchundan-ro Jung-gu, Seoul
서울 중구 장춘단로 174-6

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