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[Hongdae] The Secret Korean Foodie Life #79 - Yoon-ssi Mil-bang (윤씨밀방)

“Yoon-ssi Mil-bang,” meaning something like Yoon’s Flour Factory in Korean, so it is quite an easy guess to guess what this place is good at – must be something made with flour… well kind-of… all of it’s dishes do contain flour


But it isn’t the “flour” that got this place famous among the university students in Korea, “Yoon-ssi Mil-bang” is one of those stores that you weirdly get attracted into… with the exterior looking like a “doll-house (…but quite an old and broken one)” and the inside itself is also quite colorful although it is in the basement that makes it a bit dark… Also the pricing of their menu is quite reasonable and upfront the taste also is quite okay, and I guess that is why this place is always packed with youngsters and university students all around and I think the two of us were the only people there who weren’t 19… or 20… and fresh…


Now back to the menu, here the most famous dishes are the “Hamburg Steak” and “Nalchi-al Pasta (Flying Fish Row Pasta),” which probably is the two menus here that everyone orders like we all have plotted before…

First the “Hamburg Steak,” which you all probably know, is a dish made by making a round ball out of ground beef and then pan-frying it in a round shape and eating it with some mushroom sauce or somekind of teriyaki-like sauce. The “Hamburg Steak” here was served with a sweet teriyaki-like sauce with a fried egg on top (which is something I have never seen to be served with a “Hamburg Steak”) alongside some olive bread (see this is the “flour” part of this dish) and house salad. The “Hamburg Steak” was tasty with the sweet sauce going along well with the juicy hamburg steak, and out of surprise the fried egg was quite a nice addition that made the whole dish more mild and smooth.


Second the “Nalchi-al Pasta (Flying Fish Row Pasta),” is one of my favorite dishes to cook at home and it tasted exactly like what I cooked at home – a creamy and smooth cream pasta that is slightly spicy scent added from green onions and garlic with flying fish row that pops once in a while to give more excitement.

You probably our meal was finished here… but nope… actually… or weirdly this place serves “Tteokbokki” as a side dish to all of their dishes, but the “Tteokbokki” here is made with “Tteok (rice-cake)” that is made with “flour,” so it actually is a flour-cake. These “flour-cake Tteokbokki” was popular for its cheapness when I was young, when flour was cheaper than rice, but now as flour and rice are at almost the same price most places just use real “rice-cakes” in their “Tteokbokki.” But actually the fake rice-cake, the “flour-cake” had it’s taste as well, and it was more chewier and had a more “al dente” like texture, which I personally enjoyed more. So now even the “Tteokbokki” is made out of flour here are Yoon’s Flour Factory!

Overall the food here is quite “young” tasting, sweet and sweet and sweet again maybe just like Hong-dae, it is young and fun tasting, for those like my husband it will be your restaurant of all time, but for more “grown-up” and “mature” taste lovers like me this isn’t the place.


​15, Wausanro-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 마포구 와우산로길 15

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