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[Hongdae] The Secret Korean Foodie Life #80 - Bong-gyo (봉교)

Here we go again with our “top three” series again, now this time it is “Cream filled Buns.” “Bong-gyo” is one of the “top three” places to go in Seoul for a proper “Cream filled Bun.” We were told that it was in “Hong-dae” but it took us quite some time to find this little shop that is in the deserted corner of “Hong-dae.”

Now the “Cream filled Buns” that “Bong-gyo” sells is no ordinary “Cream filled Bun,” since it is a “Milk-cream filled Bun…” well does that make a difference you may ask… but I can answer in confidence that it surely does…! “Bong-gyo’s” fluffy buns are filled with the soft and milky “milk-cream” that is all made right on spot here, which is absolutely amazing.

Again, this a “Cream Bread” is nothing exactly “Korean” but as you know by now, when we introduce something that isn’t authentically “Korean” it must be pretty darn good… and this is exactly it… it is darn good…

The milk-cream inside the bun has a very silky texture that is something in-between a normal whipped cream and custard cream, like mixing the best parts of each cream into one… and it is just amazing. The bun itself is perfect as well, carrying the scent of freshly baked bread and along with the fluffy and silky cream it is a dream… When you just buy it they give it to you slightly cool right out from the fridge and this is the right moment you must eat it… it melts inside your mouth and disappears leaving a lovingly sweet taste…

If you are a bread-lover like me, no even if you aren’t, you must come here to taste one of their “Milk-cream filled Buns” it is in a world of it’s own and probably you never have tasted something so lovingly sweet and soft… I really think I could at least eat 10 of these on spot if someone gave it to me… (this usually never happens, but this time my husband had to stop me from buying a whole truck load of these buns after I went totally out-of-my-mind after tasting one of these…and it wasn’t my “time of the month” as well… now you know how good it is…)


46, Dongmak-ro 19-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
서울 마포구 독막로19길 46

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