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[Yeonnamdong] The Secret Korean Foodie Life #82 - Fuhaha Cream Bbang (푸하하 크림빵)

This is our second “Cream Bread” in Hong-dae, but somehow they are different, actually very different… but both amazingly tasty… maybe Hong-dae holds good energy for baking delicious cream-breads…?

“Fuhaha Cream Bread” is the store’s name, and “Fuhaha” is how we write a good laughter in Korean, just like Hahaha. So the cream bread here must be able to give me a good laughter… did it…? Yes.

Once you walk into “Fuhaha Cream Bread” you get to see the proud certificate saying the head baker here has graduated out of the famed French Cooking School, the Le Cordon Bleu, which is a school that you usually hear when people talk about Michelin star restaurants, which to be honest aren’t that fascinating… (I will talk about my Michelin star tour in Asia sometime later…) But the name “Le Cordon Bleu” was enough to get us excited, since both of us, me and my husband, who both love eating and cooking more than anything else, always said… “Somehow if I had a second life and didn’t end up becoming a “boring” Accountant – my former job/Derivatives Trader – my husband’s former job after attending a “boring” Business School, I would have become a Chef/Patissier and would have loved to go to the Le Cordon Bleu (…fortunately now we both are Entrepreneurs which is just excitement everyday…!)”

Back to the “Cream Breads” now… “Fuhaha Cream Breads” sell a variety of flavors from the signature “Salt-Cream” to the famous “Strawberry” and “Green Tea” and many others. We obviously chose the most popular “Salt-Cream” one that was the signature flavor of this place, which was again amazing… The bread itself is made as a Brioche (a French pastry bread that is buttery and fluffy) which starts off by giving a amazing buttery bread scent that you can’t resist with the sweet whipping cream inside all fluffy and light then ending with a pinch of a salt that adds more flavor to it.

Compared to the “Cream Bread” at “Bong-gyo,” I think the milk-cream at “Bong-gyo” makes their “Cream Bread” special while the Brioche bun at “Fuhaha” is the killer weapon. So if somehow the milk-cream at “Bong-gyo” and the Brioche bun at “Fuhaha” came together, I would give up eating anything else and will eat that my whole life… I would suggest you try both for now... seriously… there is nothing like these two…


​​22-25, Yanghwaro 19-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
울 마포구 양화로19길 22-25

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