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[Samcheongdong] The Secret Korean Foodie Life #87 - Mukshidonna (먹쉬돈나)

“Mukshidonna” is also a place that is already too well-known so we almost thought we didn’t need to check it out, since there was already quite a lot of information about it going around, and also my husband refused to eat any more “Tteokbokki” for at least a year after consuming too much “Tteokbokki” already from our previous “Foodie Trips” and even the “Secret Recipe” as well, since he is the “lucky” one that gets to eat up all the finished dishes… But it was quite easy to fool him into coming here after telling that we are going to a “Cake Buffet…”

And as we arrived at “Mukshidonna” he soon realized something was wrong… obviously this place does not look like a “Cake Shop” so he tried escaping but I was swift in tying him down so he had to try the “Tteokbokki” here… but later on after the “Tteokbokki” he thanked me for bringing him here… and you know what that tells about this place.

Now as you walk in to “Mukshidonna” you almost are automatically guided to take a seat outside in the “waiting zone” and decide upon what you want with the warning that you cannot add any noodles once you have ordered…! Remember this, you can’t cry or beg or even pay them double to add noodles later, so be wise and add it in the beginning. We ordered the most popular mix one “Seafood” and one “Cheese” Tteokbokki alongside some ramen noodles. Soon after ordering we were invited to come inside to the “Tteokbokki” house full of people enjoying their “Tteokbokki” and our pot of “Tteokbokki” arrived almost as soon as we settled down on our table.


At first the “Tteokbokki” here appeared to be a bit “watery” than usual “Tteokbokki” and my first taste of the soup tasted a little bland so I was worried that if this doesn’t taste properly good I probably will not get to eat any “Tteokbokki” for the next 10 years, since my husband will be extremely upset, especially after fooling him to here after lying to him about his beloved cakes. But as the “Tteokbokki” boiled down a bit the soup started turning more and more red giving out a very tasty scent and then we took our first bite of the famed “Tteokbokki” here and oh… it was tasty…

While the usual “Tteokbokki” we had before was one with a thicker sauce and held quite a strong taste, often too sweet or too spicy, the “Tteokbokki” here at “Mukshidonna” was one with a lighter but deeper tasting soup that held base tastes from seafood and that was perfectly spicy and then ended with a slight sweet taste. This was a taste that kept the spooning going with soup and the “Tteok” continuously consumed until our pot showed the bottom… which was then time to do the “Bokum-bap (Fried Rice),” which is a must-have to finish up our meal.

“Mukshidonna” is one place that is very popular to both the local Koreans as well as many tourists and I guess the taste of the “Tteokbokki” here explains it all… If you had one choice for a “Tteokbokki” this is the ultimate place, and after tasting it here you probably won’t be able to go somewhere else like my husband… who fortunately enough gave up his 1-year ban against “Tteokbokki” but said he now will only eat “Tteokbokki” at “Mukshidonna…”


​74-7, Yulgok-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 율곡로3길 74-7

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